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Rolling out Satan

There’s been a lot of discussion recently on the significance or otherwise of what the new pope has had to say about homosexuality. But less about these comments from three years back (via Breitbart): New Pope Francis I is an … Continue reading

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Mission to Moscow (Theocon Edition)

This is about a piece that comes from the Daily Beast, so a few caveats are in order, even if we ignore a headline (“Why American Social Conservatives Love Anti-Gay Putin”) that may not be the work of James Kirchick, … Continue reading

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Vatican Math

Via El Pais: The Spanish Catholic Church is also concerned about homosexuality. During his Boxing Day sermon, the Bishop of Córdoba, Demetrio Fernández, said there was a conspiracy by the United Nations. “The Minister for Family of the Papal Government, … Continue reading

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Spreading The Word

Via the London Times, an instructive tale from Uganda: When he arrived at Kampala’s Hotel Triangle for a three-day conference, the Rev Kapya Kaoma knew that he would not like what he heard. The clue was in the event’s title … Continue reading

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The different qualities of distaste

A comment below: ” I’m sure many people here have read opinion polls that show Atheists to be public enemy #1 ranking less favorably than Gays, Blacks, and Gay Blacks. Many still can’t understand that someone can believe in morality … Continue reading

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Gays & gun control

By now you’ve probably seen the Ryan Sorba video from CPAC: Right now opposition to gay marriage is a winning issue for conservatives. But how much longer? I wonder if we’re going to see a shift where conservatives are going … Continue reading

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Gay marriage attitudes by political orientation

The Audacious Epigone points out that though attitudes toward gay marriage shifted a great deal over the past few years for liberals and moderates, not so much for conservatives. This makes sense. I’ve looked at attitudes toward homosexuals where liberals, … Continue reading

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Regional differences in attitudes toward gay marriage

It looks like both Maine & New Hampshire will be taking steps toward recognizing gay marriage. If that happens only Rhode Island in New England will not recognize gay marriage. It also looks like there will be movement in New … Continue reading

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Gay marriage attitudes by the numbers

I know there are plenty of polls in regards to gay marriage, but I don’t ever see them broken out by religious attitudes. So I looked at the GSS at the MARHOMO, “Homosexuals should have right to marry,” variable for … Continue reading

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Biblical literalism correlates with thinking extramarital sex is wrong

The Audacious Epigone has a post up where the title says it all, Extramarital sex wrong? Gays and supporters of same sex marriage less likely to think so. But I was curious how MARHOMO, attitudes toward gay marriage, stacked up … Continue reading

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