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Fire, Brimstone, Free Speech and English Law

Here’s just another reminder that there’s not much in the way of free speech left in David Cameron’s Britain. The Daily Mail has the details: A baptist church was at the centre of a police probe after a sign which … Continue reading

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“Nostalgia for the Absolute”

In the course of an article triggered by the bullying of climatologist Lennart Bengtsson, Mark Steyn digs up this extract from a tremendous “imaginary address” by Yale law professor Stephen Carter to America’s Class of 2014, currently so busy, as … Continue reading

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Populist Pope, Populist Religion

The Washington Post reports: VATICAN CITY — A darling of liberal Catholics and an advocate of inclusion and forgiveness, Pope Francis is hardly known for fire and brimstone. Well, if that is what he is “hardly known for”, people have … Continue reading

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Now St. Vladimir?

After Saint Josef, Saint Vladimir?

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St. Josef?

Modern Russia: Estonia’s president Toomas Hendrik Ilves tweets: Syncretism: the amalgamation or attempted amalgamation of different religions, cultures, or schools of thought. Pause to consider the outrage if a similar icon, but bearing the picture of Hitler, had been included … Continue reading

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Town of Greece v. Galloway: Prayer at Town Council Meetings

This morning the Supreme Court decided Town of Greece v. Galloway, on a challenge to prayers preceding a town council meeting. Evidence was that the small town of Greece, N.Y., near Rochester, had reached out to all the churches in … Continue reading

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“Western Education Forbidden”

Cross-posted on the Corner: An atrocity now turns out to be even worse than previously thought. The Sydney Morning Herald: Kano: Nigerian police say Boko Haram militants are holding 223 girls of the 276 seized from their school in the … Continue reading

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