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Via the Daily Telegraph, a story that is fascinating on quite a number of levels. Here’s the key extract: Israeli rabbis are to clamp down on the growing number of devout Jewish women wearing the burka by declaring the garment … Continue reading

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It’s better in Europe, except when it’s not

Liberals in the United States love to laud European ways as a cudgel against American conservative exceptionalism. But they don’t admire all European ways, Ezra Klein on Lindsey Graham’s possible floating of a constitutional amendment to repeal birthright citizenship: How … Continue reading

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Democralatry strikes again!

Jeff Jarvis: There are those in the press and government who don’t like or trust the public they serve. It is an unliberal attitude–which can come from Liberals, by the way–for it doesn’t buy the core belief of liberal democracy … Continue reading

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In a country now marked by exaggerated, exquisite and often bogus “sensitivity” to the faith (or, rather less frequently, lack of faith) of others, a new restaurant in Brooklyn comes as a welcome source of light relief – and good … Continue reading

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Rowan Williams, Again

Via Andrew Sullivan, I see England’s Archbishop of Canterbury is at it again: If religion is pushed into private spaces, as increasingly it tends to be by our public discourse, we lose one of the most emotionally and imaginatively resourceful … Continue reading

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When Imperatives Collide

From the intriguing new website Big Questions Online here is a thought-provoking piece by Susan Jacoby. In this extract she sets the stage: My mother, at 89, lives with a sound mind in a failing and frail body. She has … Continue reading

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The Shaman of Sullivan Street

Via the New York Times: Sometime around 9:30 a.m. on weekdays, Itzhak Beery enters a second-floor office in Greenwich Village to preside over his piece of the material world. It is an advertising agency, the latest he has owned in … Continue reading

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When liberals pray

Opponents of Arizona’s new immigration law have been praying for its reversal in court.  The Wall Street Journal today has a photo of parishioners sitting outdoors on folding chairs at a prayer session for the demise of the law, which … Continue reading

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Jim Webb and the “dark matter” of American diversity

Jim Webb has returned to his populist roots in an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, Diversity and the Myth of White Privilege. Webb is the author of Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America. Of Scots-Irish descent himself he is … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin 2012

Noah Millman mulls the chances. Noah is not a fan, to be sure. I’ve increased my probability that Palin will be the nominee in 2012 a fair amount since I last thought about this. Also, since we’re midway through 2010, … Continue reading

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