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Race riots, past and future

The similarities between the build-up to the 1992 Los Angeles riots and the media demagoguery around the Trayvon Martin case are eerie and disturbing, as I write about here:   Could it happen again? That is the taboo question on … Continue reading

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California’s insufficient bite of the Apple

The New York Times is shocked that Apple seeks to minimize its liability under California’s exorbitant tax rates by moving profits to lower taxing states and countries.  The paper melodramatically suggests in a front page “expose” today that the economic … Continue reading

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The limits of rational thought

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has eloquently opposed two local living wage bills championed by New York’s left-wing City Council:  “Government cannot bend the laws of the labor market,” he said, arguing that the bills would destroy jobs, and … Continue reading

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Japan has always been secular

In an otherwise fascinating column on Japan’s peculiar demographics, Ross Douthat presents one misleading fact: Japan is facing such swift demographic collapse, Eberstadt’s essay suggests, because its culture combines liberalism and traditionalism in particularly disastrous ways. On the one hand, … Continue reading

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Fool or Knave?

Scottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien is at it again: Via the Guardian: One of Britain’s most prominent religious figures, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, has accused David Cameron of immoral behaviour and of favouring rich City financiers over those struggling on lower incomes. … Continue reading

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Rage Against The Machinery

Via the Jewish Press: Tens of thousands of Ultra-Orthodox Jews will participate in a huge rally to be held on Sunday evening, May 20, at Citi Field in Queens, New York, to combat the evils of the Internet and the … Continue reading

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Balkanization Watch

Via the Washington Post: The Hutterites are Protestants similar to the Amish and Mennonites who live a life centered on their religion, but unlike the others, Hutterites live in German-speaking communes scattered across northern U.S. states and Canada. They don’t … Continue reading

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Doubt and belief

From the Wall Street Journal’s Houses of Worship column, by the author of When God Talks Back: in more experientially oriented evangelical Christian communities . . . people expect to have a personal relationship with God. They go for walks with … Continue reading

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Hikikomori (of a sort)

Via Salon: When I first brought home our sleek, silver, double-deck, Panasonic stereo cassette player during the summer of 1993, my then-wife, Gitty, frowned. “It has a radio,” she said with an accusing glare. The device, fresh out of the … Continue reading

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Hatch, Back?

As Orrin Hatch is forced to face a primary challenge, here’s a little reminder from 2009 about the (very) long-serving senator’s attitude towards taxpayers’ money: WASHINGTON — Backed by some of the most powerful members of the Senate, a little-noticed … Continue reading

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