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The Changing Left-Right Nature of Atheism

I remember when atheism was clearly aligned with the left. It was a mere decade ago or so that stem cell research and sundry other hot-button issues characterized the distinction between the atheist liberal community and the Bush-loving, religious conservative … Continue reading

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The Encyclical – Old Nonsense in New (Green) Clothing

Writing in Reason, Brendan O’Neill takes a more secular look at the Pope’s eco-encyclical: Here’s an extract: [W]hat will be the end result of our wicked urge to own things? Mayhem, of course. All the pollution produced in the making … Continue reading

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A Premodern/Postmodern Pope?

Cross-posted on the Corner. From First Things, an interesting take on the pope’s eco-encyclical by R.R. Reno. Here’s an extract: “Everything is connected” is [the Pope’s] mantra in Laudato Si. True to this principle, Francis links his suspicion of science … Continue reading

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Britain’s Government: #PasCharlie

The presence of British Prime Minister David Cameron, no friend of free speech, at the march in Paris after the Charlie Hebdo killings was, in the scheme of things, a comparatively minor moment of hypocrisy. Nevertheless, it’s always helpful to … Continue reading

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Laudato Si?

Cross-posted on the Corner: There’s been some smart commentary in The Spectator from Damian Thompson, a former editor-in-chief of the Catholic Herald, on Laudato si the Pope’s eco-encyclical, due to be released tomorrow, but already extensively leaked. It’s (obviously) fair … Continue reading

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Shocker: Salon Does Right by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Salon, the progressive website so enamored of SJW politics that even white belly dancers attract condemnation, today publishes a piece entitled, “Ayaan Hirsi Ali vs. Jon Stewart: Islam, Liberals, and the Media’s Dangerous Double Standard.” Excerpt: A determination to avoid … Continue reading

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