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Sex, Schisms and Pseudo-Scholarship

We are seeing open warfare between various feminist and other progressive factions on social media and in the universities. A key divide is between so-called gender critical feminists and trans activists. Professional scholars might once have been expected to bring … Continue reading

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A “new post-ideological strategic world order”?

Pepe Escobar sees Eurasian integration and associated trade developments as possibly marking the emergence of a new, post-ideological strategic world order. China, with its infrastructure-focused Belt and Road Initiative, is driving this process. By contrast, the US appears to be locked … Continue reading

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The Changing Left-Right Nature of Atheism

I remember when atheism was clearly aligned with the left. It was a mere decade ago or so that stem cell research and sundry other hot-button issues characterized the distinction between the atheist liberal community and the Bush-loving, religious conservative … Continue reading

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California Injects Some Sense on Vaccination

Or at least it’s getting closer to doing that. This from Reuters/Religion News Service: California parents who do not vaccinate their children would have to home-school them under a bill passed Thursday by the state Senate, the latest move in … Continue reading

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Patterns in politics, liberal, conservative, statist & libertarian

Reading around the web I stumbled upon National Journal‘s ubiquitous ratings of how liberal or conservative various politicians are in the domains of social, economic and foreign policy. Using the 2008 data for the House of Representatives, here are the … Continue reading

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