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Connect the Dots

From The Economist: Together with a general migration from the north-east and Midwest towards the sunbelt, the number of people leaving the faith has led to a shrinking of Catholicism in its former heartlands…. This shrinking has been offset by … Continue reading

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Don’t cancel Colbert, Asian Americans should accept a double standard in regards to sensitivity

So apparently there’s a big controversy now about some things that Comedy Central tweeted out in the voice of Stephen Colbert’s character on his show on that network. As it is the age of Twitter activism, there is now a … Continue reading

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Dana Rohrabacher, Again

Dana Rohrabacher, Republican congressman and scourge of Pussy Riot, is at it again. The New York Times: …Then came Russia’s takeover of Crimea, and Mr. Rohrabacher had to draw the line — in favor of Mr. Putin. “There have been … Continue reading

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Idol Words

There are those who think that Europe’s appalling unemployment problem can be explained by overly rigid labor markets, the spiraling energy costs that greenery has brought in its wake and, of course, the ill-judged introduction of the euro. Pope Francis … Continue reading

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The trinity is incoherent

I quite like BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time. But the most recent episode was on the Trinity. You can listen to online. Most of the time the host has scholars who are there to illuminate the educated public on … Continue reading

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The Pope and Peron

In the course of a lengthy piece on Pope Francis, The Economist looks at the pontiff’s political and economic opinions and (correctly, in my view) finds them rooted in the history of the country of his birth: The political landscape … Continue reading

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Contrasts: Pussy Riot and the New ‘Useful Idiots’

Two of the formerly-jailed Pussy Rioters have been in Moscow today, bravely speaking at a demonstration to oppose what Putin is doing in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Right Wing Watch (I know, I know) reports that Concerned Women of America will no … Continue reading

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Multiculturalism will collapse due to its own internal contradictions

Canada is arguably the apotheosis of modern Western multiculturalism (nations like Belgium are not in any sort of honeymoon phase obviously with the idea of inter-cultural amity). This article in The New York Times highlights the fundamental problem at the … Continue reading

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“Black Cassock, Gold Epaulettes”

The latest issue of the British magazine, Standpoint, has a fine profile of Pussy Rioter Nadezhda Tolonnikova by Rachel Polonsky. The whole piece is well worth reading, but this, in particular, caught my attention: The dissident priest Gleb Yakunin regards … Continue reading

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