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Trucker demands religious accommodation for refusal to haul alcohol, tobacco

[cross-posted from Overlawyered] Age of accommodation, cont’d: “in Reedy v. Schneider National, Inc. (E.D. Pa. filed Oct. 15, 2010). Vasant Reddy says that he has ‘a sincerely held religious belief that he cannot consume, possess, or transport alcohol or tobacco,’ … Continue reading

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Bell, Diversity Handbook and Candle

Cross-posted over at the Corner: It’s been well over 350 years since the death of the unlikable Matthew Hopkins but should Britain ever get back into the business of hiring a Witchfinder-General (check out the 1968 movie of the same … Continue reading

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Bolls, Gringes and Freits

Cross-posted over at the Corner The English enjoy their ghosts. Via the Independent here’s the distinguished writer and historian Peter Ackroyd with some highly entertaining background. This extract gives a taste: The quintessential English ghost story is alarming but also … Continue reading

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Same Old, Same Old

Via the Economist, news of priests up to their old tricks, this time it’s Buddhist clergymen, in Ceylon: Real-life lewdness is also out. In July police rounded up hundreds of red-faced couples caught holding hands, cuddling and kissing in public. … Continue reading

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Albert Mohler!

Albert Mohler serves as president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary — the flagship school of the Southern Baptist Convention and one of the largest seminaries in the world—and he blogs. It’s worth taking a look there from time to … Continue reading

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The Miraculous Deception

Here (via the Guardian) is just another reminder of the timeless appeal of the miraculous: The name Jesus is stamped behind the pulpit in thick blue lettering. But at the Pentecostal Church of the Miracle the headline act is not … Continue reading

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The Religious Left, Again

Via The Economist, here’s a report on the “Lausanne movement”, a grouping of evangelicals founded in 1974 by Billy Graham as a response to the by-the-numbers leftism of the reliably dreadful World Council of Churches. I don’t know how this … Continue reading

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Secular Right Fan Page

I created one on Facebook. Need 20 “likes” to reserve the vanity URL. Update: Thanks, is ours!

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The establishment strikes back, perhaps

2012 pieces are now being written. GOP mega-donors look toward 2012. The GOP plutocrats are obviously worried that someone with mass grassroots support like Sarah Palin might come to the fore. I’ve been skeptical about this in the past, but … Continue reading

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The gods of the future

I have a long review of Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth? at Discover Blogs. My co-blogger reviewed it for Taki’s Magazine last June, prompting me to add this book to my “stack.” Well worth the read.

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