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Smashing The Spirit Level

The Guardian: When Morgan Maguire was growing up, she struggled to find a role model. As a young Catholic schoolgirl in Hanover, Pennsylvania, she was often teased about her love of history and scary stories, and when it came to … Continue reading

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Bolls, Gringes and Freits

Cross-posted over at the Corner The English enjoy their ghosts. Via the Independent here’s the distinguished writer and historian Peter Ackroyd with some highly entertaining background. This extract gives a taste: The quintessential English ghost story is alarming but also … Continue reading

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Jesus: Invisible friend or evolutionary adaptation?

I had never heard of the “Third Man” phenomenon until reading this fascinating Wall Street Journal book review.  People in extreme situations, such as explorers stranded on a mountain peak or shipwreck survivors, have reported the sensation of being accompanied … Continue reading

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