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Pakistan is already an Islamic State

So claims Ali Eteraz: Most people in the world, including some Pakistanis, live under the illusion that the country is secular and just happens to have been overrun by extremists. This is false. Pakistan became an Islamic state in 1973 … Continue reading

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SR Case Against Gay Marriage (cont.)

The comment thread here has me wondering how many conservatives we actually have reading Secular Right. •  The 14th Amendment was adopted in 1868. The idea of gay marriage emerged from the lunatic fringe around 10 years ago, I think. … Continue reading

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Religious Left

Why do we need a secular right blog? Well for one thing, because institutional religion, and religious institutions, are all too often cheerleaders for the multicultural Left. Case in point: Providence College. From a friend: Congressman Tom Tancredo will be making … Continue reading

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Gay marriage attitudes by the numbers

I know there are plenty of polls in regards to gay marriage, but I don’t ever see them broken out by religious attitudes. So I looked at the GSS at the MARHOMO, “Homosexuals should have right to marry,” variable for … Continue reading

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A Secular Case Against Gay Marriage?

New York Governor Dave Paterson made some curious remarks on the gay marriage issue yesterday. The gist of them, so far as I can understand it, was that (a) opponents of gay marriage are motivated by their religion, and (b) the present … Continue reading

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The Pope visits L’Aquila

The Pope finally made it to L’Aquila today, the epicenter of an earthquake that killed 295 in Italy’s Abruzzo region on April 6.  Driving rain, cold, and mud continue to beset the occupants of the tent cities established for the … Continue reading

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Irrationality watch: Among the pandemicists

There were over 100 auto fatalities a day in the U.S. in 2008, a number that was celebrated for being so low.   So far, there have been no deaths from the swine flu outside of Mexico, where 149 fatalities are … Continue reading

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A non-secular past, present and future

In the comments below I engaged in a little bit of glib dismissal in regards to the contention that a secular society is not sustainable. The issue though need some elaboration. I agree with John Derbyshire when he says: Mark: … Continue reading

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The World Values Survey

About six months ago I mentioned the General Social Survey. Have a question about public opinion & correlations? Poke around, don’t let your opinion or impression be the last word!

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Atheism, religion and politics

At ScienceBlogs I look at World Values Survey data and compare secular and conservative East Asian nations to the religious but liberal United States. I conclude (after looking over data tables): My point here is rather simple: increased secularism in … Continue reading

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