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Being the party at prayer, without alienating the prayerless

This weblog has been around for 4+ years now. It started as a way to give voice to people who lean Right who are not necessarily libertarian. America’s conservative party, the Republicans, have lost their second presidential election in a … Continue reading

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The Anti-Pussy Riot?

Via Russia & India Report: A group of Creationists staged a publicity stunt in Moscow’s Darwin Museum, unfurling a Christian banner, distributing leaflets, and singing hymns. This is the latest in a string of attention-seeking performances by self-proclaimed ‘Orthodox activists’. … Continue reading

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Pope Francis, unsurprisingly given the name he has chosen, devoted quite a bit of time to the environment in his inaugural homily. We shall have to see whether the conclusions drawn by this reporter (for Religion News) reflect his own … Continue reading

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Ready to Lose in 2016?

I can understand the argument that religion can be a handy bulwark against an over-mighty and over-intrusive state (it can, incidentally, also be an ally of just such a state), but there is a limit as to how far that … Continue reading

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The Cheerleader

On the whole, patriotic priests are preferable to those preaching the old baloney about the universal brotherhood of man, an impossible, unnatural aspiration that, by definition, can only (if it is to mean anything) be coercive. It is however better … Continue reading

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Those who can not see God

Rod Dreher has an interesting post up at The American Conservative, The Lie Of Atheism (It’s Not What You Think). He relays a scourging of the New Atheists by Damon Linker. Rod has an interesting passage which I think highlights … Continue reading

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Old Tom Hobbes

A man of the secular right, I feel. Writing in the TLS David Runciman explains: But between the political parts [of Leviathan] – the first two sections and the final one – come parts three and four, which are concerned … Continue reading

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Trickster Padre

I happened to come across this 2011 piece by CSI’s Joe Nickell the other day: …In fact, notwithstanding the claims in uncritical biographies, Pio’s stigmata devolved—from bleeding wounds that could easily have been self-inflicted (like those of many fake stigmatists … Continue reading

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