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Israel, gentile & Jews

A good point in regards to attitudes toward Israel and anti-Semitism broadly understood was brought up in the post below. How about attitudes toward Israel as a function of politics?

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Who is for the Jews? Left or Right?

Over at Red State Erick Erickson implies that the Left is anti-Semitic by way of the JournoList story: It makes for an interesting conversation. Apparently, many of the lefties don’t much care for Olbermann either. And they hate Marty Peretz, … Continue reading

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When liberals discover the utility of custom & tradition

There is a clip of a recent between Matt Yglesias and Mark Schmitt which is rather amusing, as they express a rather conservative sensibility:

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Muddle to the Right?

I’m reading Niall Ferguson’s The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World right now. I’ve not read Ferguson before, and I have to say he’s a rather good prose stylist. Though dense with data & concept The Ascent … Continue reading

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In an era when some (rightly) worry that blasphemy laws may be being reintroduced under the guise of prohibiting speech that gives ‘offense’, here via the New York Times is a reminder that the original approach lingers on in America … Continue reading

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Environmentalism as Religion

I’ve long thought that some aspects of modern environmentalism (particularly many of the attitudes and beliefs associated with, to use the shorthand, ‘global warming’) are in a good number of respects ‘religious’. Here (via the Daily Telegraph) is a story … Continue reading

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Miscellany, March 20

Pareidolia is “that phenomenon wherein people see things that aren’t there because human brains are wired for pattern recognition”. Children see animals in the clouds or letters in a pile of sticks; adults are likely to see images fraught with … Continue reading

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Watching the Door

My review of Kevin Myers’ book, which I mentioned in a previous post, is now online at Taki’s Magazine.

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Book Learnin’

By way of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, I reviewed Kevin Myers’ memoir of the Northern Ireland troubles, Watching the Door, for Taki’s Magazine. (Review not yet posted.) I noticed the following curiosity on p.159, though I didn’t include it in my review. … Continue reading

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The UK Today

Writing in the London Times, Dominic Lawson interviews a Muslim woman who converted to Christianity: Hannah’s description in the book of the moment when her “community” discovered the “safe” home where she had fled after becoming an apostate is terrifying. … Continue reading

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