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Atheists, CPAC and Conservatism

Cross-posted on Ricochet: Writing in response to the uninviting of American Atheists to CPAC, Charlie Cooke has a very fine article over on NRO on the topic of whether atheism and conservatism are compatible. As an atheist and a conservative … Continue reading

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The Arab spring revisited

I was always one skeptical of the “Arab spring.” My skepticism is modulated and qualified. I think Tunisia has the prospects of becoming a normal nation-state to a far greater extent than Libya, for example. But I was of the … Continue reading

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We are all Leftists now?

So argues Kevin Gutzman in There is No Authentic American Right – and a Good Thing, Too. In What Hath God Wrought: The Transformation of America, 1815-1848 there is some coverage given to the attempt by some early Federalists to … Continue reading

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When liberals discover the utility of custom & tradition

There is a clip of a recent bloggingheads.tv between Matt Yglesias and Mark Schmitt which is rather amusing, as they express a rather conservative sensibility:

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Darwinian & Postmodern Conservatism

At Culture11 Ivan Kenneally asks, Is Darwinian Conservatism Postmodern?: Larry Arnhart is surely the best proponent of Darwinian Conservatism, and not just because he has a blog with the same name. In his view, an evolutionary biological account of nature properly … Continue reading

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