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Welcome, Republican Atheists!

Writing over at Patheos, the Friendly Atheist reports on the formation of the group Republican Atheists. That’s good news, I reckon, but the Friendly Atheist seems a little, well, skeptical: The group hopes to “build awareness of Atheist presence in … Continue reading

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“On A Relentless March”

The news that some in the Democratic Party might have tried to ‘out’ Bernie Sanders as an atheist was neither particularly surprising nor particularly shocking. Atheism doesn’t play well with the electorate. What’s more, to the extent that a candidate’s … Continue reading

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Doubt as Sin.

In the course of reading around a story about how the Portland Public Schools board has unanimously approved a resolution aimed at “eliminating doubt” about climate change and its causes in schools, I came across this quote  from Nietzsche (It’s … Continue reading

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Evolving with Gods

Here’s John Gray in The New Statesman,  reviewing God Is Watching You: How the Fear of God Makes Us Human by Dominic Johnson: An evolutionary biologist trained at Oxford who also holds a doctorate in political science, Johnson believes that … Continue reading

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Isaiah Berlin: Half Right

Isaiah Berlin: As for the meaning of life, I do not believe that it has any: I do not at all ask what it is, for I suspect it has none, and this is a source of great comfort to … Continue reading

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Bangladesh: Darkness Falls

When a sub-headline begins like this…: Niloy Chakrabarti was only the latest atheist blogger to be hacked to death in the country this year. That refers to the murder of Chakrabarti, slaughtered by a group of attackers in his appartment … Continue reading

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Atheists: Not So Angry After All

  You mad, bro? According to a new study, it’s a myth that atheists are an especially angry bunch. (Grumpy? Maybe.) Atheists are often portrayed in the media and elsewhere as angry individuals. Although atheists disagree with the pillar of … Continue reading

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Gray’s Anatomy (of Atheism)

Writing in the Guardian, British philosopher John Gray (an atheist himself) takes a look at the ‘New Atheists’ and isn’t too impressed by what he sees. His attack on the idea that leftists ‘must’ be on the left is well … Continue reading

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An ‘Enchanted Secularism’? No Thanks

Writing in the New York Times, David Brooks frets about what non-believers, um, believe: Over the past few years, there has been a sharp rise in the number of people who are atheist, agnostic or without religious affiliation. A fifth … Continue reading

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No Point and No Point in Worrying Either

Writing in The Week, Damon Linker wades into the controversy over the comment by Sam Harris that Islam is a “motherlode of bad ideas”. In many respects the controversy is more interesting than the insult, but that’s a discussion for … Continue reading

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