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Palin Inc.

New York Magazine has a long profile of Sarah Palin up right now. Its focus is more publicity, personality and celebrity, than politics. The profile reduces my probability that Palin will make a serious run (as opposed to a pro … Continue reading

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Gray vs. Grayling

It’s worth spending some time on this devastating review by British philosopher John Gray of a new book by British philosopher A.C. Grayling. Neither man is a religious believer, but, after reading this review, it’s difficult not to think that … Continue reading

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Bad News Bear

If Comedy Central ever had a reputation for being an “edgy” channel it has lost it now. The story of the channel’s decision to, uh, tinker with episode 201 of South Park ought to be well known to many who … Continue reading

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Happy St. George’s (Yester)day!

For the most part, I’m no great fan of saints, a rum bunch of characters too often found teetering uneasily between insanity, hysteria and fable. England’s (and I use that national qualifier deliberately) St. George, however, is an exception, decent, brave, … Continue reading

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Pataki for 2012?

Pataki for Prez?. He needs to flip to being pro-life very soon if he wants to be viable. The only reason I point to this is to illustrate how many names are going to emerge from the woodwork before 2011. … Continue reading

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Okey Dokey

Via AP: LOUISVILLE, KY. (AP) – Sarah Palin spoke to a crowd of about 16,000 attending an evangelical Christian women’s conference in Louisville Friday night. The Courier-Journal reports the 2008 Republican candidate for vice president mixed stories of personal struggles … Continue reading

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Natural-Born Supernaturalists?

This WSJ piece by Michael Shermer is well worth a look. Some key extracts: According to Oxford University Press’s “World Christian Encyclopedia,” 84% of the world’s population belongs to some form of organized religion. That equals 5.7 billion people who … Continue reading

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Cato on Mitt Romney

I talked about this possibility before. Don’t know if it has legs to push into the 2012 primary season. If it doesn’t knock Romney out, I believe we can take this as evidence of the power of establishment Republicanism despite … Continue reading

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The Wrong Lesson

Here’s a curious little sequence of video clips from BBC News. They show us how education goes in Finland. Then we get a clip of schooling in South Korea. And then the BBC’s Matt Frei interviews Arne Duncan, our federal … Continue reading

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From the Glass House

The effort by some, mainly Islamic, nations to use the United Nations in an attempt to muzzle what they refer to as “defamation” of religion on the pretense that it constitutes some sort of infringement of the rights of the faithful … Continue reading

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