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Pope, Rush

One of the many advantages of not being religious is that I don’t have to spend any time wrestling with the “contradictions” of my faith. Christianity has—stretching from its murky beginnings to its wildly syncretic present—quite a few of those. … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin, not so topical

I noticed today that Center-Left establishment tool Jacob Weisberg is still posting his “Palinisms” at Slate. I never read these because they never seemed as funny as the Bushisms. It seems likely that the George H. W. Bush and George … Continue reading

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The Palin Fundamentals

In your heart you know he could be right, The Conservative Establishment’s Addiction to Tactics: …John McCain was a widely admired war hero with a reputation for moderation who had favorable ratings well over 50 percent on Election Day and … Continue reading

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DeMint’s Choice (2)

From O’Reilly (Nov 16 2007): O’DONNELL: They are — they are doing that here in the United States. American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains. So they’re already into this … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin 2012

Noah Millman mulls the chances. Noah is not a fan, to be sure. I’ve increased my probability that Palin will be the nominee in 2012 a fair amount since I last thought about this. Also, since we’re midway through 2010, … Continue reading

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Palin Inc.

New York Magazine has a long profile of Sarah Palin up right now. Its focus is more publicity, personality and celebrity, than politics. The profile reduces my probability that Palin will make a serious run (as opposed to a pro … Continue reading

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Okey Dokey

Via AP: LOUISVILLE, KY. (AP) – Sarah Palin spoke to a crowd of about 16,000 attending an evangelical Christian women’s conference in Louisville Friday night. The Courier-Journal reports the 2008 Republican candidate for vice president mixed stories of personal struggles … Continue reading

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The logic of belief: the Palin version

Sarah Palin loves God. God loves Sarah Palin. And that is why they hate her…and Him. And why she — and He — will be back. From God and Sarah Palin. So if they didn’t love each other, they’d both … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin


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Right-wing identity politics

Victor Davis Hanson hits hard at Sarah Palin’s liberal attackers today, launching the usual and undoubtedly often justified accusation that they have been driven to a state of frenzy by her anti-elite lifestyle.  But Hanson, for whose intellect, learning, and … Continue reading

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