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How Not to Criticize Silicon Valley

Paul Ingrassia at The American Conservative has published a polemic entitled “The Religious Fanaticism of Silicon Valley Elites.” It should be noted that Ingrassia is himself Catholic, so he has no beef with religion per se. Just as the zealous … Continue reading

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Fantasies, facts and values

The Western cultural tradition, which combined various elements (religious, intellectual, scientific) into a rich and resilient and trans-national framework of thought and practice, is all but dead. Witness, for example, the increasingly propaganda-ridden media environment, the absurdities of identity politics … Continue reading

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CRISPR, Faster

MIT Technology Review: The first known attempt at creating genetically modified human embryos in the United States has been carried out by a team of researchers in Portland, Oregon, MIT Technology Review has learned. The effort, led by Shoukhrat Mitalipov … Continue reading

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The culture of science is the culture of the Left

Robert Tracinski, in What Atheists Have To Offer The Right‘s, kindly points to this website. He also goes on to assert: That leads me to what atheists have to offer to this agenda. One of the problems with citing a … Continue reading

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For the Children (Not)

Muscular dystrophy is an inalienable human right (or something). The Daily Telegraph reports: A group of 34 European politicians, including eight British MPs and peers, has signed a declaration attacking plans which will make the UK the first country in … Continue reading

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Judith Potts writes in the Daily Telegraph: One day in 2007 my late mother – then a sprightly 93 year old – said to me “I do wish these people would get off my sofa. They sit there all day … Continue reading

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Pope Francis, unsurprisingly given the name he has chosen, devoted quite a bit of time to the environment in his inaugural homily. We shall have to see whether the conclusions drawn by this reporter (for Religion News) reflect his own … Continue reading

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Gene Genie

Should people be allowed to see details of their own genetic information? Of course. Yet, as Reason’s Ron Bailey points out in a post linking to this article by Slate’s Virginia Hughes, “timorous and condescending bioethicists and physicians” insist on … Continue reading

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Via Dolorosa

Grim reading, I fear, for New Year’s Day, but the (London) Daily Mail has a report here on the evolution of the ‘Liverpool Pathway’, a National Health Service procedure which “involves withdrawal of lifesaving treatment, with the [terminally] sick sedated … Continue reading

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Bad Start

The Washington Post reports: Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said in an interview that he isn’t certain what the age of the earth is, and that parents should be able to teach their kids both scientific and religious attempts to answer … Continue reading

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