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For the Children (Not)

Muscular dystrophy is an inalienable human right (or something). The Daily Telegraph reports: A group of 34 European politicians, including eight British MPs and peers, has signed a declaration attacking plans which will make the UK the first country in … Continue reading

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In the Public Square

Via the Economist: …One issue that pits the Catholic Church against the majority of [Poles] is in vitro fertilisation (IVF), a subject of intense debate in the Polish media. The Vatican regards it as a sin because it splits sex … Continue reading

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Miscellany, December 7

Ann Althouse on Bill O’Reilly and the Washington atheist sign: Another December, another battle in the “War on Christmas.” I think the sensible people don’t want to fight about religion, but there are always extremists — pro-religion and anti-religion — … Continue reading

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