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Fool or Knave?

Scottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien is at it again: Via the Guardian: One of Britain’s most prominent religious figures, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, has accused David Cameron of immoral behaviour and of favouring rich City financiers over those struggling on lower incomes. … Continue reading

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Hatch, Back?

As Orrin Hatch is forced to face a primary challenge, here’s a little reminder from 2009 about the (very) long-serving senator’s attitude towards taxpayers’ money: WASHINGTON — Backed by some of the most powerful members of the Senate, a little-noticed … Continue reading

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On the Economics of the Pill

Interesting report here in the New York Times: The recent controversy over contraception and health insurance has focused on who should pay for the pill. But there is a wealth of economic evidence about the value of the pill – … Continue reading

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We’ve heard a lot recently from the Vatican on the “social justice” front, most of it the usual leftish sanctimony garnished with the distaste for the free market that has long been an important strand of Roman Catholic thought. Well, … Continue reading

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The Favored Pew

Via the Wall Street Journal: As Congress scrutinizes every nook and cranny of the budget for possible revenue, a surprising court decision is allowing clergy members to buy or live in multiple homes tax-free. The U.S. Tax Court ruled that … Continue reading

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Giving More Power To The IRS

This story comes from Mother Jones, and it comes with plenty of ‘coulds’, so some caution is called for. Nevertheless it doesn’t make pretty reading. Here’s a key extract: Under a GOP-backed bill expected to sail through the House of … Continue reading

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God and Taxes

It’s always worth remembering that there is a religious left too. Amongst its prominenti are the ‘social justice’ Christians of Jim Wallis’ Sojourners group, a public nuisance for years. Contemplating the nation’s budgetary woes, the Sojourners are now asking “What … Continue reading

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Miscellany, December 7

Ann Althouse on Bill O’Reilly and the Washington atheist sign: Another December, another battle in the “War on Christmas.” I think the sensible people don’t want to fight about religion, but there are always extremists — pro-religion and anti-religion — … Continue reading

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