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No Religion, Please — We’re English

[T]he common people are without definite religious belief, and have been so for centuries. The Anglican Church never had a real hold on them, it was simply a preserve of the landed gentry, and the Nonconformist sects only influenced minorities. And … Continue reading

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It was difficult to read this New York Times piece without feeling just a little cheered… Mr. Zuckerman, a sociologist who teaches at Pitzer College in Claremont, Calif., has reported his findings on religion in Denmark and Sweden in “Society … Continue reading

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Secular & right-wing edition of

Well, depends on how you define secular. I interviewed Greg Cochran on recently, talking about evolution, etc.  I think this might be the only way that you could get two registered Republicans on that show; have them talk only … Continue reading

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On objective ends

Jim Kalb offers a criticism of the general mission statement of this weblog, Is “the secular” so clear?: My own view, which my book goes into at length, is that by itself rational empiricism gives you desire and technique as … Continue reading

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Human Rights and Faith

Here’s a good thumb-sucker piece, courtesy of Arts & Letters Daily, about the connection between human rights and religious belief. In there somewhere is a version of the “midwife” argument — i.e. that whether or not religious faith was necessary to … Continue reading

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No wonder the newspaper business is in trouble. Look at the standard of reporting in this story from the Baltimore Sun: Police said a 58-year-old man stabbed his teenage son after he refused to take off his hat at church earlier … Continue reading

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How Many Miracles?

Incidentally, as a resource for arguing about Christianity, I have found the Christian Think Tank website invaluable. For example:  How many miracles did Jesus perform, according to the Gospels?  Answer: 36 … including three revivifications, which is two more than I … Continue reading

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Suicide bombings, God & religion

I have a post here @ ScienceBlogs. Remember, correlation need not be transitive….

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The God Who Wasn’t There

While reading my Sunday Telegraph this morning, my eye was caught by an ad for yet another proactive atheist venture, a movie (or at any rate a DVD) titled The God Who Wasn’t There. Its premise seems to be that Jesus of Nazareth … Continue reading

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SR Sets the Pace

Does the New York Times read Here was me on Feb. 19 bringing up the Harvard Implicit Association Tests. Here was the Times on Feb. 20 bringing up the Harvard Implicit Association Tests. Coincidence? I think not.

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