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Start at the same point, go in opposite directions

I really enjoyed this discussion between Cato’s Brink Lindsey and David Frum. It illustrates my point about the necessity of common referents to have fruitful discussions. Brink is a libertarian who has rejected fusionism and now wishes to co-opt a … Continue reading

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Secular Right & Bloggingheads.tv

Heather & Ross Douthat did a Bloggingheads.tv, God and Man on the Right. See below.

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Secular & right-wing edition of bloggingheads.tv?

Well, depends on how you define secular. I interviewed Greg Cochran on bloggingheads.tv recently, talking about evolution, etc.  I think this might be the only way that you could get two registered Republicans on that show; have them talk only … Continue reading

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