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David Frum’s unstable equilibrium

It looks like David Frum has been purged from the conservative mainstream. I can’t but help find this ironic insofar as Frum was the drawer of bright lines himself in years past. Additionally, though Frum is moderate on social issues, … Continue reading

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New Majority → FrumForum

Here’s the explanation for the change in name. When I saw a page notifying of the change last night on NewMajority I thought someone had hacked the site and placed the note up as a joke. I guess that says … Continue reading

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Start at the same point, go in opposite directions

I really enjoyed this discussion between Cato’s Brink Lindsey and David Frum. It illustrates my point about the necessity of common referents to have fruitful discussions. Brink is a libertarian who has rejected fusionism and now wishes to co-opt a … Continue reading

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