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Amen (Sort Of, And If That’s Not An Inappropriate Word To Use)

I have to say that I rather liked this by Freddie, the blogger at L’Hôte:  …Atheism is not a project.It has no purpose. It proceeds towards no end. It has no meaning beyond the simplicity of absence. It has as … Continue reading

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Rejecting a mathematics of morals

In my post below where I outline what I believe are the appropriate parameters of eudaimonia I was obviously influenced by the inductive methods of history and natural science. Naturally this elicited a strong response from some quarters. This is … Continue reading

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Well, this story (via The Daily Telegraph) is depressing: A Danish newspaper on Friday became the first in the country to apologise for offending Muslims by printing a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed with a bomb-shaped turban, rekindling a heated … Continue reading

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How I learned to love moral relativism & cultural chauvinism

Over at Crunchy Con Rod Dreher points me to a new book, Paul Among the People: The Apostle Reinterpreted and Reimagined in His Own Time, which, in Dreher’s words “attempts to defend St. Paul against his modernist critics (e.g. those … Continue reading

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Secular Right reader survey

A reader asked about a survey for this weblog. If you are a regular reader, please consider taking this survey. I’ll post the csv on the 6th of March (survey closes on the 5th). There are 30 questions, none of … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day

One begins to suspect that the true American tradition is less that of our Fourth of July orations and our constitutional law textbooks, with their cluck-clucking over the so-called preferred freedoms, than, quite simply, that of riding somebody out of … Continue reading

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Gays & gun control

By now you’ve probably seen the Ryan Sorba video from CPAC: Right now opposition to gay marriage is a winning issue for conservatives. But how much longer? I wonder if we’re going to see a shift where conservatives are going … Continue reading

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How Liberty Dies

Outrage of the week last week was the shutting down of the American Renaissance conference by anti-racist activists. It impacted my schedule. I was planning to attend the conference (which was scheduled for Feb. 19 to Feb. 21). It would … Continue reading

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The Church of Climate Change (Again)

Here’s the Sunday Telegraph’s Christopher Booker: As the roof continues to fall in on them, in an endless succession of scandals, the beleaguered defenders of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have at last managed to mount a riposte … Continue reading

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Ron Paul wins CPAC straw poll

Boos as Ron Paul wins CPAC straw poll. Paul 31%, Romney 22%, Palin 7% and Pawlenty 6%. Obviously straw polls don’t matter. The only reason this is news is because the enthusiasm of Ron Paul supporters carried the day again … Continue reading

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