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Questioning democralotry

It is an unquestioned truth of the age among “right thinking” people that democracy is the ultimate aim of government. Even authoritarian regimes cloak themselves in the language of democracy, for example the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Those regimes … Continue reading

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Rejecting a mathematics of morals

In my post below where I outline what I believe are the appropriate parameters of eudaimonia I was obviously influenced by the inductive methods of history and natural science. Naturally this elicited a strong response from some quarters. This is … Continue reading

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Choice & authority

What Conservatism Should Look Like by Andrew J. Bacevich has elicited a massive retaliation on the part of Damon Linker. I tend to lean toward Bacevich myself, though your mileage may vary. I believe that for all of Linker’s coherent … Continue reading

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A secular perspective on politics?

I’ve been thinking of what it means to be of the “Secular Right” recently due to the comment threads where people asked us to weigh in on our specific political positions. Some people take the Secular Right to be libertarian … Continue reading

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