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Attitudes toward assisted suicide

Previous post prompted me to look to the General Social Survey in regards to attitudes to assisted suicide broken down by demographic variables. The variable I used was DOCSUI, which asks: How much do you agree of disagree with the … Continue reading

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Slouching toward death (with a push)

Montana Court to Rule on Assisted Suicide Case: Robert Baxter was by all accounts a tough man. Even in the end, last year, as lymphocytic leukemia was killing him, Mr. Baxter, a 76-year-old retired truck driver from Billings, Mont., fought … Continue reading

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From Christendom to the West

Rod Dreher has an interesting post, Is religion necessary to Western civilization? There are many specific points where I agree, and disagree, naturally. Some reactions:

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A Whitewashed Sepulchre

Not content with being Britain’s most destructive prime minister in at least half a century, Tony Blair continues to irritate with a series of nauseating, preening and self-righteous lectures (often ‘faith’-tinged) on how he sees the world. Over at the … Continue reading

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We are all special (some more so)

Andrew’s post got me to thinking about inter-individual differences. I’ve had many religious friends who claim that if they didn’t believe in God they would happily rape & murder. Though frankly I have a tendency to keep my distance when … Continue reading

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The Urge to Believe

…In this case in the ‘Jesus of Siberia’.

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Over-egging the Pudding

Over at First Things, James Poulos writing about, I think, the need to find some sort of meaning in life, worries about (inter alia) the plight of the agnostic: …the failure of the agnostic to find repose, in faith or … Continue reading

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An atheist who favors Intelligent Design?

Over the past few days I’ve followed a slight controversy involving Intelligent Design proponent Michael Behe & John McWhorter (you can see the posts at ScienceBlogs, Michael Behe speaks on affair, John McWhorter & Michael Behe, 2 and … Continue reading

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Seniors hate government health insurance

H. L. Mencken is laughing somewhere. See data here.

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Jesus: Invisible friend or evolutionary adaptation?

I had never heard of the “Third Man” phenomenon until reading this fascinating Wall Street Journal book review.  People in extreme situations, such as explorers stranded on a mountain peak or shipwreck survivors, have reported the sensation of being accompanied … Continue reading

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