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We are all cost vs. benefit utilitarians now!

Many liberals now want to kill the healthcare bill. At Talking Points Memo here is a dissent from an individual who is obviously going to get screwed if the bill is not passed: If I feel abandoned, it’s not by … Continue reading

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Preexisting conditions

Democrats (and some Republicans) regularly bash health insurance companies for not covering preexisting conditions.  But isn’t that like expecting a home insurance company to write a policy for fire after your house has already burned down?  Health insurance seems to … Continue reading

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The Big Lie

Am I the only one whose cynicism about politicians and the American public has been exhausted by the extent of the popular delusions and knowing falsehoods which are emerging during the whole “healthcare debate”? It is interesting to listen to … Continue reading

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Death panels and science

Conservative pundits of a religious bent periodically criticize Enlightenment rationalism and the scientific world-view as presumptuous, inadequate, or dangerous.  (Leftist believers are hardly immune from science condescension.  In his new book Reason, Faith, and Revolution, Terry Eagleton opines that the … Continue reading

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Seniors hate government health insurance

H. L. Mencken is laughing somewhere. See data here.

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Death panels

On the question of whether health care is a market commodity or a human right, conservatives tend to come out on the commodity side, when they address the issue at all.  Not so in reacting to Obama’s tentative application of … Continue reading

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