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Round and Round

Over at the American Conservative, Noah Millman is frustrated by the nature of the debate between scientists (or “science popularizers”) and theists. I feel like we go around this track every other month. A scientist or science-popularizer writes an unpersuasive … Continue reading

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Death panels and science

Conservative pundits of a religious bent periodically criticize Enlightenment rationalism and the scientific world-view as presumptuous, inadequate, or dangerous.  (Leftist believers are hardly immune from science condescension.  In his new book Reason, Faith, and Revolution, Terry Eagleton opines that the … Continue reading

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Angels, Demons, Science, and Meaning

New York Times science columnist Dennis Overbye has a nuanced column on the semi-condescending attitude towards science as a potential source of wisdom in Angels and Demons, the new Tom Hanks movie (which I haven’t seen).  I think that Overbye actually … Continue reading

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Atheism makes you a great scientist?

A reader asks, perhaps facetiously: Funny, but given the homage being paid to science in so many of these first threads, I was just wondering if there’s any actual evidence that, in practice, atheists make better scientists than believers. There … Continue reading

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