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Israel’s demographic future

As I noted in my review of Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth (also see John Derbyshire’s review) “In 1960 15 percent of elementary age students in Israel were Arab or Haredi. In 2010 ~50%….” Additionally, while the Arab Israel … Continue reading

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Who Will Inherit The Earth?

The idea that fecund religious fundamentalists will (eventually) take over the world is not a new one, but it gets a fresh airing in a new book by Eric Kaufmann discussed in this interesting (if vaguely leftish) piece from the … Continue reading

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The rise of the irreligious Left, the reemergence of Republican religious neutrality (?)

Over at ScienceBlogs I have a post up where I explore the differences by state between the American Religious Identification Survey in 1990 and 2008. I then compare these data to the national election results in 1988 and 2008. Here … Continue reading

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The necessity of the non-answer

Clark of Mormon Metaphysics points to this screed by Peter Lawler over at Postmodern Conservative by way of praising Atheist Delusions: The Christian Revolution and Its Fashionable Enemies. Lawler asserts: … It begins as a criticism of the naive stupidity … Continue reading

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White men can’t be progressive?

Matt Yglesias says, White Men Are Not Very Progressive: I would say that another message is that progressive politics is badly disadvantaged by a situation in which the overwhelming majorities of political leaders and prominent media figures are white men. … Continue reading

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Catholics somewhat less conservative even if observant

Are Catholic Republicans More Liberal Than Protestant Republicans?, a comment: A lot of people call themselves “Catholic” who really don’t even go to Church and who deny many Catholic Church teachings…ergo… the author’s conclusion is VERY flawed. This is a … Continue reading

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Attitudes toward immigration

Below, Art says: Of course the Republican and conservative segment of the population is strongly anti-immigration … They are strongly anti-illegal immigration. Most conservatives favor legal immigration, particularly skilled immigrants. This is not really true, depending on how you interpret … Continue reading

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How the states align on liberalism & conservatism

Economic, social, and foreign policy congressional conservatism by state, 2008.

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Teen birthrates, the relation to religion is real

A few weeks ago I reported on data which showed a close relationship between conservative religious views and high teen birthrates on the state level. I asked about controlling for race, since blacks have high teen birthrates, and are very … Continue reading

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Attitudes of Republicans & Conservatives by demographic to evolution

Update: Welcome Hot Air readers! This post reports data from the The General Social Survey, it is *not* a post to debate the presumed merits of the Creationist controversy! I used the EVOLVED variable, which asked: Human beings, as we … Continue reading

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