How the states align on liberalism & conservatism

Economic, social, and foreign policy congressional conservatism by state, 2008.

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  1. OneSTDV says:

    Just curious why razib and Derb don’t just post under their regular names? They’re listed in the sidebar so it’s not a secret who “David Hume” and “Charles Bradlaugh” are.

  2. John says:

    The thing that struck me most about this data is how closely correlated the three legs (economic, social, foreign policy) of conservatism are. Our best shot at winning in 2012 is a solid fusionist candidate. So far, there is nobody in the GOP nominees that obviously appeals on all three fronts. That was also the problem in 2008, which is part of the reason why the GOP had such a tough nomination fight, and the winner was just the old guy who got it because it was “his turn”. OK, actually there was a fusionist candidate in 2008: George Allen, who lost it because of his idiotic “macacca” comment.

  3. Sully says:

    You set me on a train of (crude) analysis that shows congress to be even more stupid and inefficient than I had thought. Those idiots can’t even carve up and pass out pork intelligently.

    According to The Audacious Epigone post you linked, the three most liberal states are Massachusetts, Hawaii and Rhode Island; and the three most conservative states are Wyoming, Idaho and Utah.

    Now you would think that the liberals in congress would have passed out more juicy pork to the liberal states than to the conservative states when they put together their big stimulus bill back in February. But according to the three most conservative states overall got one job for every 3,898 residents; while the most liberal states got only one job for every 10,544 residents.

    Wyoming – 61 jobs/532,000 population = one for every 8,741 residents
    Idaho – 632 jobs/1,523,000 population = one for every 2,410 residents
    Utah – 536 jobs/2,736,000 population = one for every 5,104 residents
    Total – 1229 jobs/4,791,000 = one for every 3,898 residents

    Massachusetts – 583 jobs/6,497,000 population = one for every 11,144 residents
    Hawaii – 249 jobs/1,288,000 population – one for every 5,172 residents
    Rhode Island – 6 jobs/1,051,000 population – one for every 175,166 residents
    Total – 838 jobs/8,836,000 = one for every 10,544 residents

    Congresscritters aren’t even smart and efficient when it comes to rewarding their friends. How can it possibly make sense to want to give them more control over the national economy?

    State by state conservative versus liberal rankings from

    State by state job creation figures from

    State population figures from

    I posted a variant of this on my blog and will also be posting it at Zombie Contentions a bit later.

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