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Last-minute holiday cheer

If anyone is looking for a final holiday treat, I highly recommend the animated movie Fantastic Mr. Fox, which I review here.  Don’t think that you need to have a child in tow to see it; its satire of the … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

And let’s have a great teens.

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Terrorism and health care reform

In 2000, commercial jets carried 1.09 billion people on 18 million flights, according to a no-longer-linkable Boeing document.   Assuming that the number of flyers has not increased since then, that makes for one would-be underwear bomber out of about 10 … Continue reading

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Now look:  For keeping up to date on what celebrities are doing. there is NOTHING to beat this guy. It’s People magazine for the rightist intelligentsia.

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“Appeasement” watch

I expect the charge that Obama brought on this latest terrorist attempt with his Nobel-Prize-inducing multilateral delusions and toadying to Muslims to start rolling in any minute now.  Meanwhile, we are undoubtedly going to get yet another layer of after-the-fact … Continue reading

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Post-Christmas economic vent

Following Derb’s vent, I have to get this one off my chest, however elementary the sentiment:  If I hear one more Democrat (and occasional Republican) in the House or Senate condescend to business, I am going to throw up.  Today … Continue reading

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Christmas Vent

Mainstream conservatives are such pussies.  When the left-liberal / multi-culti crowd says “Jump!” your main-con just wants to know how high. We’ve had a nasty little example over Christmas.  Some wits associated in some way I can’t be bothered to figure out with … Continue reading

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On Christmas

A few years ago I stopped saying “Happy Holidays” as my default and switched to “Merry Christmas.” The main issue for me is that I didn’t want to get hung up on a name. As someone who doesn’t accept that … Continue reading

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A Christmas joke

A leader in the New York State Republican Party (admittedly not a powerful domain) recently concluded a dinner presentation with the following joke:  “To those of the Christian faith, Merry Christmas!  To those of the Jewish faith, Happy Hanukkah!  And … Continue reading

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Seasonal Cheer

A very Merry Christmas to all SR readers and contributors!  Oh, it’s a Christmas poem you’re wanting?  Glad to oblige.

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