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PEN and Sword

Cross-posted on the Corner Pen International is an association of writers intended both to promote literature and to defend it. In May, PEN America will be holding its annual gala, an event set to include the award to Charlie Hebdo … Continue reading

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Will Anything Change?

Cross-posted on the Corner. At the Financial Times, Europe editor Tony Barber’s initial response to the atrocity in Paris included this: Charlie Hebdo has a long record of mocking, baiting and needling French Muslims. If the magazine stops just short … Continue reading

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Charlie Hebdo

Cross-posted on the Corner. The revolting terrorist assault on Charlie Hebdo today is designed to intimidate for the future as much as to ‘punish’ for the past. And I suspect that it has, to some degree, been encouraged by opinion … Continue reading

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Profiles in Cowardice

Cross-posted on the Corner: Via the Daily Telegraph: Baroness Ashton is under fire after the EU failed to agree on a statement condemning attacks on religious minorities in the Islamic world because it is not politically correct to use the … Continue reading

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Blasphemy Laws (By Other Means)

Here’s a story from the London Times on how the Britain’s libel laws may be used to do their bit in stamping down free speech: UP TO 95,000 descendants of the prophet Muhammad are planning to bring a libel action … Continue reading

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Well, this story (via The Daily Telegraph) is depressing: A Danish newspaper on Friday became the first in the country to apologise for offending Muslims by printing a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed with a bomb-shaped turban, rekindling a heated … Continue reading

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Last-minute holiday cheer

If anyone is looking for a final holiday treat, I highly recommend the animated movie Fantastic Mr. Fox, which I review here.  Don’t think that you need to have a child in tow to see it; its satire of the … Continue reading

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