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[Note:  The editors at Taki’s Magazine have kindly given me permission to reproduce the column below. Several Taki readers were kind enough to go into Wikipedia and amend some of the more egregious errors in my Wiki page. Whether their … Continue reading

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Socialized medicine, numbers are of the essence?

I don’t know if there is some context to this Bill O’Reilly assertion that Canadian life expectancy is higher because of fewer people, and so fewer absolute fatalities (e.g., he got turned around on the words?). But it got me … Continue reading

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Fundamentalism & Terror

Here’s a review of Timothy Garton Ash’s new book by the distinguished British philosopher John Gray. The following  passages, in particular, caught my attention: The reception of Garton Ash’s writings on Muslim fundamentalism is instructive in this regard. He provoked … Continue reading

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Here be Dragons

Creationist Sam Brownback (for the senator’s own deeply disingenuous explanation of where he stands on evolution check here) is once again taking up the cudgels for junk science, this time with the introduction of a strange unnatural thing known as … Continue reading

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Intelligent Design as philosophy

The most recent features Ronald L. Numbers, author of The Creationists, and Paul Nelson, a Creationist and Intelligent Design advocate. The discussion is civil and well-informed, but as noted by some of the commenters on the site, it … Continue reading

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12 Questions for Derb (cont.)

Hoo-ee, the commentators at are even more rude and moronic than P.Z. Myers’, which I would not have thought possible. Is it naïve of me to be surprised? Though at least screens out the f-word.

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12 questions for John Derbyshire

In The Economist. John is promoting his new book, We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism.

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Christian radio and moral decisions

I have been listening with considerable enjoyment to Christian radio, mostly KBRT, which is preset in the car I have been driving in Los Angeles.  Despite having wasted my college education on deconstructionist literary theory, I nevertheless still believe in … Continue reading

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Clarifying contrasts

From FiveThirtyEight:

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The Right to Refuse Medical Treatment

Commenting on my earlier post in support of changing the law on assisted suicide at least in the case of a physically incapacitated individual who wishes to die but has no realistic way of achieving that objective for himself, ‘Mark … Continue reading

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