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Religion Reading List

As someone with minimal religious intuitions and nominal indoctrination it’s been a long hard slog for me to understand religion as a human phenomenon. Books have been important. Not newspapers. And not just the words of believers. I’ve expressed irritation … Continue reading

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The gods of the future

I have a long review of Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth? at Discover Blogs. My co-blogger reviewed it for Taki’s Magazine last June, prompting me to add this book to my “stack.” Well worth the read.

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12 questions for John Derbyshire

In The Economist. John is promoting his new book, We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism.

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On a hard-to-reach library shelf

Per the Telegraph, some Muslims in Leicester, U.K., moved copies of the Koran to the top shelves of libraries, because they believe it is an insult to display it in a low position. The city’s librarians consulted the Federation of … Continue reading

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New Ann Coulter book

Two years ago Ann departed from what I had taken for a generally secular and modern public persona by coming out with a book entitled “Godless: The Church of Liberalism” which advanced, of all things, a down-with-Darwin line. Apparently I … Continue reading

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“‘Conversations With God’ Author Accused of Plagiarism”

What? Not ventriloquism? (via Althouse).

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Great American history book recommendations

This is a thread for suggestions.  I’m looking here for works which focus on social & economic changes, as opposed to personal biography and diplomatic history.  The latter was important, but my personal impression is that they’re easy to bone … Continue reading

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The Right Nation

Walter:  I reviewed Mickelthwait and Wooldridge’s book for the late lamented New York Sun here.  The Sun’s literary editor at the time, Robert Messenger, called up to congratulate me on having used the word “armigerous.”  I hope the paper did … Continue reading

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Books for Secular Cons

If it’s godless conservatism you’re wantin’, I’d offer A Mencken Chrestomathy by H.L. Mencken, I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On: A Samuel Beckett Reader, ed. Richard W. Seaver, and the Loeb Horace: The Odes and Epodes by Q. Horatius … Continue reading

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Good books for conservatives not on the usual lists?

How about some recommendations?  And non-obvious ones at that!  Let’s limit it to three submissions per person so that “you make them count.”  Here are my heterodox submissions: The Blank Slate, The Iliad and The Elements.

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