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Dinesh D’Souza’s poison

Forbes magazine has now “fact-checked” Dinesh D’Souza’s infamous September 27 cover story, “How Obama Thinks,” and has uncovered one “slight” misrepresentation, it says, of an Obama speech on the BP oil spill.  Such a “fact-checking” feint is irrelevant to this … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Orthodox

Via The Economist: Just 42% of adult Israeli Jews define themselves as secular, according to recent official figures. The rest range from mildly to devoutly religious. And because the most religious seem to have the most children, the secular figure … Continue reading

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Dhimmitude and demise done well

Sometimes readers will ask about a good book on the history of religion, and I’m pretty hard-pressed to recommend something without qualification, caveat, or caution. But I can recommend The Lost History of Christianity: The Thousand-Year Golden Age of the … Continue reading

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The markets are rational?

Sarah Palin: Still Not the Front-Runner: …But right now, in autumn 2010, at what seems like a moment of maximal populist outrage and anti-establishment fervor, Sarah Palin can’t crack 20 percent in primary polling, and Mitt Romney (for all his … Continue reading

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Will November be a Pyrrhic victory?

Matt Yglesias explains his recent shift toward liberaltarianism: It was suggested to me by a number of parties this week that I should give some explicit account of why the blog has turned in what you might call a more … Continue reading

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Blasphemy Laws by the Back Door

To describe public burnings of the Koran as uncivil behavior is an understatement, but this piece of news doesn’t say much for the state of free speech in Britain: Six people have been arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred … Continue reading

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“Wisdom” from Facebook

Here’s something I saw on a Facebook discussion which caught my attention: … The idiots who threatened violence over South Park are no more representative of Islam than the idiot threatening to burn Qur’ans is representative of Christianity. Let’s grant … Continue reading

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Republican Kitsch

I heard some of the news conference introducing House Republican’s “A Pledge to America” today.  While some of the individual proposals—such as ending government control of Fannie Mae and repealing the health care law (good luck)–actually have some concrete meaning, … Continue reading

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Magical Thinking Watch: “Promise Neighborhoods”

The Obama Administration has announced the latest desperate twist in the country’s nearly half-century-long evasion regarding the central truth of inner-city dysfunction.  Twenty-one social service organizations, schools, and universities have received $10 million to draw up plans for a cradle-to-grave … Continue reading

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Enslaved on Hajj

Some readers are generally confused as to why I discount to a large extent the influence of official ideology, text, or received tradition, over the long-term course of a religious society. The main reason is that the exceptions to the … Continue reading

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