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Magical Thinking Watch: “Promise Neighborhoods”

The Obama Administration has announced the latest desperate twist in the country’s nearly half-century-long evasion regarding the central truth of inner-city dysfunction.  Twenty-one social service organizations, schools, and universities have received $10 million to draw up plans for a cradle-to-grave … Continue reading

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Gee, thanks, Pro-Lifers

The just-negotiated Senate health care bill contains a big new pot of money to make it easier for pregnant teens to raise a child: The federal government would provide $25 million a year for a “pregnancy assistance fund.” The money … Continue reading

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Immaculate Conception: The Inner-city Version

Seven and a half months into Ta-Shai Pendleton’s first pregnancy, her child was stillborn. Then in early 2008, she bore a daughter prematurely.  Soon after, Ms. Pendleton moved from a community in Racine that was thick with poverty to a … Continue reading

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