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Religion & nihilism

Does religion encourage nihilism? & Belief in God and Nihilism.

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On the varieties of prediction

In some of the comments below I engaged in a discussion about the power of prediction, the necessity of skepticism, and so on.  In the format of a weblog the full overgrown shape of one’s thoughts can be somewhat muddled. … Continue reading

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Dangerous Places

Further to Heather’s remarks:  the London Daily Telegraph has a photo-display titled “20 of the world’s most dangerous places.” Here are the Telegraph’s 20, with their dominant religions (according to the CIA World Factbook). I think my abbreviations are obvious, except … Continue reading

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Rules Of Engagement

I’d just like to put down the following marker:  Any commenter who blithely misquotes a thing I’ve said, as one commenter just did, will in future not get past the moderator barrier while I’m guarding it. (Which, unfortunately, won’t be … Continue reading

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The Political Viability of Religious Conservatism

It doesn’t have much, according to Alex Knepper in this post from another blog, date about two weeks ago.  I particularly liked the Tenth Amendment point (towards the end).

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Ilana Counterblogs

Ilana Mercer counterblogs (read down a bit) to my post on “Theology Outside the Tribe.” To her points: Yes, indeed, Islamic theology is interesting to a lot of people, as the excellent sales of Robert Spencer’s books show. That is … Continue reading

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Homeland security in Kentucky

Nice to know Kentucky’s state legislature has its priorities straight: The 2006 law organizing the state Office of Homeland Security lists its initial duty as “stressing the dependence on Almighty God as being vital to the security of the Commonwealth.” … Continue reading

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Who is smart: Secular, religious, Right or Left?

A friend emailed me and suggested I look into the GSS and figure out which groups are smarter in terms of political & religious combinations.  So again, my methodology is simple. I took the WORDSUM variable, which is the # … Continue reading

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Religion and moral decline, contd.

A reader suggests that one needs to examine the same society over time, rather than comparing different societies, to test whether the waning of religious belief and fervor leads to moral decay. So let’s look at the West over the … Continue reading

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Kmiec as Vatican Ambassador?

I suppose I should pass over in silence the blog flap over whether President-elect Obama might properly name Pepperdine lawprof Douglas Kmiec as Ambassador to the Holy See (Michael Sean Winters, America Magazine, pro; UCLA lawprof Stephen Bainbridge, con and … Continue reading

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