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Claim: blog comments sections unlikely to resolve issue of existence of God

Oh well, in that case, back to the drawing board.

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Rules Of Engagement

I’d just like to put down the following marker:  Any commenter who blithely misquotes a thing I’ve said, as one commenter just did, will in future not get past the moderator barrier while I’m guarding it. (Which, unfortunately, won’t be … Continue reading

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From comments

A sampling of comments of potentially wider interest among the many posted so far: I love the Corner and am thrilled you’ve started this blog. I think ‘Religious Based Values’ will lose the party more elections. However, please note, one … Continue reading

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A note on civility

Well, this started with a bang.  I implore readers to disagree and discuss in a civil manner.  Otherwise, do not be surprised if your opinions are excised during periodic bowdlerizations….

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