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Miscellany, December 15

Someone has called us the “world’s most boring blog“. I think not everyone must agree, because in the three and a half weeks since we launched we’ve had more than 100,000 page views and, remarkably, 2,300 reader comments. Confirming the … Continue reading

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We have at least started a few brushfires among the conservative blogs. There is some good argumentative stuff in the comments thread to Daniel Larison’s TAC post here.

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Ears are burning

No matter how good a job we do at this site, it’s unlikely we’ll live up to the praise so generously bestowed on us by D.R. Tucker in flagship conservative publication Human Events (“Right Angle“). Daniel McCarthy and commenters discuss … Continue reading

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Ears are burning

Some reactions to the site in its first days: Moxie (“Perfectly timed… I’ll be reading it, and you should too.”) Opining Online (“I hope that it does not devolve into merely discussion of evolution and whether God exists.”) Social Services … Continue reading

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Welcome Ann Althouse readers

The blogger hails this site as a “welcome addition to the Blogroll” and reflects on the term unbeliever, quoting commenter Balfegor who recalls this choice passage from Albrecht Durer: O God please smite the unbelievers with your holy wrath. Make … Continue reading

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Corner Feedback

Some reaction to the new site after I posted a link from NRO’s blog The Corner: Reader A: Mr Derbyshire — many thanks for helping provide an outlet for secular conservative views. I think you’ll find there are quite a few … Continue reading

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From comments

A sampling of comments of potentially wider interest among the many posted so far: I love the Corner and am thrilled you’ve started this blog. I think ‘Religious Based Values’ will lose the party more elections. However, please note, one … Continue reading

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