Ears are burning

Some reactions to the site in its first days:

That’s aside from the earlier-mentioned posts by Razib (and again and on TalkIslam.info), by John at NRO “Corner” (and again and again), and by me at Overlawyered. Also at NRO “Corner”, John Miller seems to consider it a point in favor of relatively pious Founder Sam Adams that “he would never have joined a blog called Secular Right”; also, allusively, Kathryn Lopez. And Ann Althouse has an eyeball-centric follow-up to her earlier post.

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7 Responses to Ears are burning

  1. David Hume says:

    I am familiar with Davide Headle from ScienceBlogs. At least you can say he’s consistent and never deviates from what you expect from him.

  2. Andrew T. says:

    David Heddle has already conceded that his favorite argument is nonsense on the “Dinesh Does Cosmology” thread, so that should save some time dealing with him from now on.

  3. Ken says:

    The hostility and scorn generated amongst (at least a segment of) the Corner types at the mere concept of this blog is quite telling.

  4. Andrew T. says:

    Ken: No kidding. I think it was K-Lo who mused, a few weeks ago, that “belief in God is the core of conservatism” or some such. Somewhere, John Locke’s descendents are crying.

  5. FarRightDemocrat says:

    You had me at hello . . .
    but you risked losing me when you accepted Andrew Sullivan’s kudos.
    Please, I won’t ask if you don’t tell me that Sullivan supports this site.


  6. jonathanjones02 says:

    Be glad for Corner linkage: it resulted in my insightful commentary. 🙂 In all seriousness, great stuff, keep it up.

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