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What happened to those fiscal priorities?

Well, different things come to the fore in state houses, Creationism Makes a Comeback: The irony is that in the past, creationist institutions and advocates used to be allies of laws and reforms which would give a stronger role for … Continue reading

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Via Politico: SAN ANTONIO — Newt Gingrich stood before thousands of evangelical churchgoers Sunday night to deliver a dire warning that nation’s Christian roots are under attack. “I have two grandchildren — Maggie is 11, Robert is 9,” Gingrich said … Continue reading

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Honors for Sale

A traditionally British form of fundraising appears to have been given a fresh twist. The Mail on Sunday reports: One of Britain’s most high-profile Catholic priests has admitted arranging papal knighthoods for wealthy businessmen for money. Father Michael Seed, who … Continue reading

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Forget 2012, The End is Even More Nigh…

Via the Independent: The end of the world is nigh; 21 May, to be precise. That’s the date when Harold Camping, a preacher from Oakland, California, is confidently predicting the Second Coming of the Lord. At about 6pm, he reckons … Continue reading

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Secular Celebration

From this weekend’s Radio Derb (transcript here): As an unbeliever, I have naturally asked NRO to give me paid leave for the entire month of May so I can celebrate the tercentenary of the birth of David Hume, taking a … Continue reading

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The Rush for Judgment (2)

Via (for some background on that site, here’s a New York Times piece from last year), here’s another tale of someone else who sees the tragedy in Japan as an example of divine retribution. On this occasion it’s a … Continue reading

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Long Spoon Needed

Crossposted in the Corner: This report from yesterday’s New York Times does not bode well. Here’s a key extract: Cairo: In post-revolutionary Egypt, where hope and confusion collide in the daily struggle to build a new nation, religion has emerged … Continue reading

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Veena Malik

Cross-posted over at the Corner: Even if you are going to watch nothing else over the Internet today, make sure you check out a clip of actress Veena Malik taking on some snake of a mullah on Pakistani television. You … Continue reading

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Men, not gods

The New York Times Magazine has a long profile up of Yasir Qadhi, a religiously conservative American Muslim cleric. It is long and worth reading in and of itself, but I want to focus on one section: American Muslims, Qadhi … Continue reading

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And Iowa…

Via the Des Moines Register: Poor Iowans would be prohibited from having a taxpayer-paid abortion in cases of rape or incest under an amendment to a budget bill approved by a House committee this week. Again, grotesque…

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