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My article on conservatism in Free Inquiry

I should announce it somewhere on the web, and this is the best place I can think of. In one of the fall issues of Free Inquiry (probably the one right before the election, so October) I will be making the … Continue reading

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Moving Secularism Forward, March 1st to 4th, Orlando

Moving Secularism Forward: The Center for Inquiry (CFI) and the Council for Secular Humanism will hold their annual conference “Moving Secularism Forward” March 1–4, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport in Orlando, Florida. At “Moving Secularism Forward”, learn … Continue reading

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Secular Celebration

From this weekend’s Radio Derb (transcript here): As an unbeliever, I have naturally asked NRO to give me paid leave for the entire month of May so I can celebrate the tercentenary of the birth of David Hume, taking a … Continue reading

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How Liberty Dies

Outrage of the week last week was the shutting down of the American Renaissance conference by anti-racist activists. It impacted my schedule. I was planning to attend the conference (which was scheduled for Feb. 19 to Feb. 21). It would … Continue reading

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The H.L. Mencken Club

Just back from a weekend down in Baltimore, where I gave a talk to the H.L. Mencken Club.  Nice people; well-organized event; good reception for talk.  However, I can’t forbear noting some dissonances pertinent to the theme of this blog. … Continue reading

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