Secular Celebration

From this weekend’s Radio Derb (transcript here):

As an unbeliever, I have naturally asked NRO to give me paid leave for the entire month of May so I can celebrate the tercentenary of the birth of David Hume, taking a trip to the great philosopher’s birthplace in Scotland and devoutly attending the four-day public reading of the Treatise being planned by my colleagues at Secular Right.

Have we fixed a location for the party yet?

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4 Responses to Secular Celebration

  1. Susan says:

    Will the reading be held at the David Hume Tower at the University of Edinburgh? The name’s appropriate, though the building’s not that attractive.

    As for the party, perhaps it should be a rolling affair, much like one of those currently popular progressive dinner parties. I could get behind a Celebrate David Hume Whisky Tasting, with plenty of Laphroaig, Balvenie, Macallan, Glenfiddich, etc. to sample. Galloway cheddar on oatcakes and smoked salmon as canapes. NO HAGGIS.

  2. CONSVLTVS says:

    No haggis? Well, the little taste we had in January at the Robert Burns poetry reading was not so bad. It seems to improve every year. I suppose it’s an acquired taste, but so is Laphroaig.

    Burns Night could be a model for our Hume party. There are standard elements to a Burns supper, including an encomium to the author (“The Immortal Memory”), recitations of his poetry, and a traditional Scottish meal.

    From what I know of Hume, the meal itself could go on a good while.

  3. Andrew Stuttaford says:

    No haggis, Susan? Now that *is* heresy…

  4. Susan says:

    I know it’s heretical, but haggis is awful (and I speak as one who’s a reasonably adventurous eater). I’ve never had it anywhere but IN Scotland, prepared by a Scottish cook (are we talking oxymoron here?)and it never tasted like anything but wet cardboard with a little pepper. And that gray, glistening bladder looks like space alien spawn.

    But…I defer to the will of the majority.

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