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A New York Times reporter tips his hand

In the course of a column blasting media entrepreneur Steven Brill’s new book on the school reform movement, New York Times reporter Michael Winerip inadvertently sets out his economic assumptions.  A revelation of an entire world view does not get … Continue reading

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Protesting Saudi Theocracy, The Femen Way

NSFW, but for readers who wish to investigate further, here’s some splendid footage (on many levels) of Ukraine’s Femen group protesting the Saudi regime’s refusal to let women drive. Nicely done. And as a reminder for anyone who needs it, … Continue reading

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Like a Prayer

Cross-posted over at the Corner: Having botched the three R’s, many American schools are now making do with a fourth instead—recycling. The following extracts come from a Saturday New York Times story about efforts to bring recycling to school lunch: … Continue reading

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Patronizing Much?

Here’s yet another bossy, patronizing (and, I imagine, eventually taxpayer-funded) idea from the UK’s frequently lamentable Conservative-led government: [Britain’s] Department of Health is to announce plans for a new system of independent counseling for women before they finally commit to … Continue reading

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The Favored Pew

Via the Wall Street Journal: As Congress scrutinizes every nook and cranny of the budget for possible revenue, a surprising court decision is allowing clergy members to buy or live in multiple homes tax-free. The U.S. Tax Court ruled that … Continue reading

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Secular Humanism, Trashed

My thanks to Polichinello for highlighting this rather good Salon article by Michael Lind on secular humanism. I thought it made a useful supplement to an earlier Corner contribution by Derb/Bradlaugh, and posted accordingly: Derb, in some respects Michael Lind’s … Continue reading

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Social Justice?

Cross-posted on the Corner: Well, here’s food for thought (and, I suspect, just a spot of controversy) from the Hoover Institution’s Richard Epstein: The terrible economic news from both Europe and the United States has led to much soul-searching on … Continue reading

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Via Andrew Sullivan, comes this rather odd piece by Tony Woodlief. This extract caught my eye: We are god-obsessed because we have lost God or we are running from God or we are hopelessly seeking Him, and maybe all of … Continue reading

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What religion is all about

At The American Scene Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry states: To have a religion is to hold a belief about metaphysics. Either you believe that Allah is God and Muhammad is his Prophet or you don’t. If you do, and you eat pork, … Continue reading

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Shut in by the State

Count me amongst those who are profoundly skeptical about the notion that it is “self-evident” that we come into this world endowed with a large collection of supposedly inalienable “rights”. I do not, for example, believe that there is such … Continue reading

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