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Thought For The Day

“Humanism is a secular religion thrown together from decaying scraps of Christian myth.” John Gray, Straw Dogs (2002)

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Liberalism as Faith

Cross-posted on the Corner (and a post, I would hope, that ‘Secular Humanists’ would read): The British philosopher John Gray is not someone to shy away from ‘difficult’ topics. If you are looking for a provocative long read this weekend, … Continue reading

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Maria Popova has written an interesting piece on Isaac Asimov’s attitude towards religion. Here’s the great man himself: I have never, not for one moment, been tempted toward religion of any kind. The fact is that I feel no spiritual … Continue reading

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Secular Humanism, Trashed

My thanks to Polichinello for highlighting this rather good Salon article by Michael Lind on secular humanism. I thought it made a useful supplement to an earlier Corner contribution by Derb/Bradlaugh, and posted accordingly: Derb, in some respects Michael Lind’s … Continue reading

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