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Thought For The Day

“Humanism is a secular religion thrown together from decaying scraps of Christian myth.” John Gray, Straw Dogs (2002)

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New Era, New Priests: E.R. Dodds, Rome, Christianity and Intersectionality

Writing in the  American Conservative, here’s Gilbert Sewall on the Oxford classicist, E.R. Dodds. Read the whole thing, really, but here is Sewall discussing Dodds’ Pagans and Christians in an Age of Anxiety (1965): In 380, Theodosius I declared Christianity … Continue reading

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Father Hamel: An ‘Absurd’ Killing?

Cross-posted on the Corner. I posted something yesterday on Pope Francis’ disconcerting (there are other adjectives) response to the murder of Father Hamel in Normandy earlier this week, specifically with reference to this comment: “I only want to clarify, when … Continue reading

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Evolving with Gods

Here’s John Gray in The New Statesman,  reviewing God Is Watching You: How the Fear of God Makes Us Human by Dominic Johnson: An evolutionary biologist trained at Oxford who also holds a doctorate in political science, Johnson believes that … Continue reading

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Gray’s Anatomy (of Atheism)

Writing in the Guardian, British philosopher John Gray (an atheist himself) takes a look at the ‘New Atheists’ and isn’t too impressed by what he sees. His attack on the idea that leftists ‘must’ be on the left is well … Continue reading

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Gray vs. Grayling

It’s worth spending some time on this devastating review by British philosopher John Gray of a new book by British philosopher A.C. Grayling. Neither man is a religious believer, but, after reading this review, it’s difficult not to think that … Continue reading

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