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Two “Brothers”: Pope Francis and the Chekist

Cross-posted on the Corner. The Pope’s decision to meet his “brother”, Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill in, delightfully, Havana (you can find some details here of the way that the persecution of Christians has spiked since last year’s Francis-brokered deal between … Continue reading

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Pope Francis, (Partly) Explained

Hayek: But the near-universal acceptance of a belief does not prove that it is valid or even meaningful any more than the general belief in witches or ghosts proved the validity of these concepts. What we have to deal with … Continue reading

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“Three Parent” Babies? No, More Like 2.001 (If That)…

Bioethicists are, for the most part, a pretty presumptuous bunch: who on earth do they think they are? In this case, however, highlighted by the Washington Post, they have got things right: An elite panel of scientists and bioethicists offered … Continue reading

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