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Evolution and the G.O.P. candidates

Over at FrumForum, Ask About Evolution at the GOP Debate: Prompting James Pethokoukis to ask: “Will we now get an evolution/global warming question at next GOP debate?” I hope the answer to this question is “yes.” The great thing is … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin, not so topical

I noticed today that Center-Left establishment tool Jacob Weisberg is still posting his “Palinisms” at Slate. I never read these because they never seemed as funny as the Bushisms. It seems likely that the George H. W. Bush and George … Continue reading

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A trichotomy of terrorists

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A Multitude, Maybe Missing

Via CNN: It’s likely not the response Rick Perry was expecting. Earlier this year, the Texas Governor called on Christians across the U.S. to come to Houston for a prayer event aimed at bringing God’s help to a “nation in … Continue reading

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A humble foreign policy in 2012

The New Republic has a long take on the G.O.P. turn away from foreign policy interventionism between 2008 and 2011. The article presages the fact that the recent debt deal seems to open the door to defense spending cuts if … Continue reading

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Keynesian caterwauling over debt deal

The dominant meme in the MSM is that the spending cuts in the debt deal will hurt the economy by stripping it of government stimulus, rather than help the economy by providing businesses with some hope for a lowered or … Continue reading

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God and the debt ceiling

Glenn Beck characteristically invoked God’s will on his radio show this morning in urging his followers to oppose the debt ceiling deal: “Stand in the protection of divine providence!” he said repeatedly.   How has he determined that God prefers debt … Continue reading

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Father Godwin & Other Distractions

Via the Daily Telegraph: Vatican officials have accused Enda Kenny, Ireland’s prime minister, of diverting attention away from the Irish euro crisis by attacking the Roman Catholic Church over its covering up of sex abuse. Giuseppe Leanza, the Vatican’s envoy … Continue reading

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