A Multitude, Maybe Missing

Via CNN:

It’s likely not the response Rick Perry was expecting.

Earlier this year, the Texas Governor called on Christians across the U.S. to come to Houston for a prayer event aimed at bringing God’s help to a “nation in crisis.” Organizers of the religious gathering, dubbed “The Response,” say only 8,000 people have registered on-line to attend this Saturday’s event at Houston’s Reliant Stadium, a venue with a seating capacity of 71,000.

Eric Bearse, a “Response” spokesman and former speech-writer for the potential GOP presidential candidate, says attendance numbers are a non-issue.

“Not concerned whatsoever. We think it will be a powerful event whether it is 8,000 or 50,000. The only people concerned about numbers are press,” Bearse said.

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7 Responses to A Multitude, Maybe Missing

  1. David Hume says:

    this isn’t the election year for this sort of religious revival presidential campaign. the more he talks about jobs in texas, the better he’ll do.

  2. Matt Foss says:

    Is there really ever an election year for a religious revival campaign?

  3. Polichinello says:

    I live in Houston and listen to conservative talk radio. The only times I hear about this event is when the press is caterwauling about it. I don’t think it’s nearly the big deal everyone thinks it’s supposed to be.

    As for Perry, I doubt he’ll seriously run. He’s more likely putting in a reservation for 2016 or 2020. Since the GOP likes to nominate the “next in line”, he figures, he’d better get in line. He’ll make enough noise to get his name tossed about, but he won’t seriously challenge Romney. If he wanted to do that, he’d have joined the race months ago.

  4. Jay says:

    Matthew 6:6. Whatever Perry is, he’s not a follower of Jesus. Always entertained by these “Christians” whose main form of religious observation is to flip Christ the bird.

  5. elissaq kinsey says:

    I am amazed at how many Americans are in our country who have not read the constitution. We are garunteed our religius freedom, and to demand that he not participate in a prayer meeting because he is running for office is infringing on his religuos rights that are garunteed by our constiution. I bet if he was a Budhist going on a spiritual retreat this would not be happening… If your not a christian and you dont agree with prayer meetings, dont go then. No one is makeing it a requirement! Im not christian, im not going! But to infringe on his rights is the oposite of what the people trying to put a stop to it, are SAYING that they are trying to uphold! read the constitution you idiots!

  6. Don Kenner says:

    Well…I guess you throw red meat to he base when you start your campaign (has he really started?), then you run to the center in the actual election. But David Hume is right; this is the year to talk about job growth in Texas.

    Perry should bask in the fact that he is a Southern Governor from an economically-sound state (relatively speaking). He’s not ugly and he can put a sentence together. He’s exactly the kind of pol who gets elected president. He can make the usual noises about God and country (this is expected), but he should avoid anything that smacks of snake handling, tambourines, and speaking in tongues.

    And avoid the mean-spirited, Bachmanesque remarks about gays.

  7. John says:

    Bachmann is a conservative, but probably not a winner.
    Romney is a winner, but probably not a conservative.

    We might have hit the sweet spot with Perry.


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