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In an earlier post here, Mr. Hume and Jackson Doughart, reacting to an exchange between Glenn Greenwald and Sam Harris, discuss (amongst many things) the way that the notion of ‘Islamophobia’ has been used to try to stifle those who … Continue reading

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Cross-posted on the Corner: As a piece of political theater, the protest in Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior has turned out to be an outstanding success, but that’s only thanks to the overreaction by the authorities. It’s safe to … Continue reading

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Protesting Saudi Theocracy, The Femen Way

NSFW, but for readers who wish to investigate further, here’s some splendid footage (on many levels) of Ukraine’s Femen group protesting the Saudi regime’s refusal to let women drive. Nicely done. And as a reminder for anyone who needs it, … Continue reading

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