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Facing Death for Blasphemy

Technology may progress, but there is no right side of history, no rule than man is  going to progress: New York Times: ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — An antiterrorism court in Pakistan has sentenced a Shiite man to death for committing blasphemy … Continue reading

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Glimpses of Barbarism

From the Economist: In July a mentally disturbed Muslim man, arrested for blasphemy in the Punjab city of Bahawalpur, was dragged out of the police station by a crowd of 2,000 and set on fire. In 2009 accusations of blasphemy … Continue reading

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Abdus Salam

Cross-posted on the Corner: Writing in the Spectator, Shiraz Maher suggests (correctly, surely) that most people are unlikely to have heard about Pakistan’s contribution to the discovery of the Higgs Boson, and explains why that is just fine with Pakistan: … Continue reading

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Veena Malik

Cross-posted over at the Corner: Even if you are going to watch nothing else over the Internet today, make sure you check out a clip of actress Veena Malik taking on some snake of a mullah on Pakistani television. You … Continue reading

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On The Run

Cross-posted over at the Corner. Writing in the Guardian Nick Cohen puts the terrible killings in Pakistan into wider context: One Pakistani journalist I spoke to described his fellow liberals as members of a persecuted minority, who now knew that … Continue reading

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Sherry Rehman

Via the Guardian, another story that only should only increase fears for the future of Pakistan: All Sherry Rehman wants is to go out – for a coffee, a stroll, lunch, anything. But that’s not possible. Death threats flood her … Continue reading

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No illusions, just reality

In Pakistan, the Shooter Is the Hero: The depressing public reaction to the assassination of Pakistani politician Salman Taseer: “Nowadays, he’s perfectly heroic,” says Imran Shiekh, the owner of a small jewelry store tucked away in the market’s depths. “Qadri … Continue reading

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Salman Taseer

The tragic events in Arizona are a hideous conclusion to a week already scarred by the assassination in Pakistan of Punjab governor Salman Taseer. The ominous implications of Taseer’s killing have only been underlined by its aftermath. Writing in the … Continue reading

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The priorities of Pakistan

OK. You know that there have been floods in Pakistan which have displaced ~20 million. No worries, there’s still time to for suicide bombings aimed at killing Pakistani Shia (the Shia believe that the the descendants of Ali are the … Continue reading

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